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Marriage Weekend

Friday, May 1st


Sunday, May 3rd

Are you looking for a great opportunity to get away, reconnect and revitalize your marriage? Marriage Weekend is the event for you! You will not regret investing in your marriage and providing you and your spouse the opportunity to grow your marriage and help make it God centered. You and your spouse will be able to enjoy a weekend getaway filled with worship, inspiring and encouraging messages, and rebuild your marriage to be all that God has called it to be. You will stay at the St. Pete Hilton in St. Petersburg, Florida and will have the opportunity to enjoy a date night in a place of your choosing. Join us at Marriage Weekend so that you can learn about the tools you need to have a God focused Marriage. We look forward to investing in your marriage!

Please read the following information for some details pertaining to the weekend. Once you register you will receive an email with some other details in regards to Marriage Weekend.

St. Pete. Hilton Bayfront
333 1st Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Check-in time at the hotel is at 4pm. PLEASE NOTE: The hotel requires a temporary hold on your individual credit card for the amount of $50.00 per night for any personal incidentals you may acquire throughout your stay. Please feel free to check in, get situated and find a great local spot to have some dinner. The event registration will take place at 7pm and the event will begin at around 7:30. We will be concluding our event around noon on Sunday.

MEALS ARE NOT PROVIDED WITH THE COST OF REGISTRATION AND THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $12.00 A DAY PARKING FEE. However, there are many wonderful dining options nearby the hotel to accommodate anyone’s budget.

The entire weekend is informal. Bring clothing that makes you feel comfortable. However, the conference rooms can get a little chilly, so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket.

We will share specific details upon your arrival. It is important to arrive on Friday to register for the event by 7:00 PM.

Click here to register ($359 per couple)

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If you are in need of a sponsorship please email Pastor Willie Gilliard at [email protected]